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Award and recognition

  • In 2017 Centre for Enterprise Practice launched “Entrepreneurship Academy” - a tool and educational platform for the development of entrepreneurial competencies and skills based on active experiential methods. The same year “Entrepreneurship Academy” was selected as part of 51 good practice case studies on “University – business cooperation” field. The cases were selected, amongst others, based on their UBC activities, type of mechanisms, geographical location, maturity and transferability.
  • In 2018 “Entrepreneurship Academy” won national competition and participated in EUROPEAN ENTERPRISE PROMOTION AWARDS 2018 and was selected among the top 3 projects under the category “Investing into entrepreneurial skills”.
  • In 2018 project “CREATIVITY LAB” won nomination as best youth initiative in Taurage region. It is “Junior Entrepreneurship Academy” programme for school children, which aims at the realisation of social ideas and projects for communities.
  • Since 2018 Centre for Enterprise Practice became key content partner of “Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists” responsible for the implementation of “Smart Practice” concept, methodology, training, and consultancy in “Partners 4 Value” project. It is first University - Business Consortium in Lithuania. Its goal is to expand “real life” training opportunities for students and university personnel through Business - International Organisation - University partnerships.

Our projects

Entrepreneurship Academy – it is a program based on EQ thinking model that helps to
develop personal skills and competences that enable students of Vytautas Magnus
University (VMU) to act independently on creating and developing personal or business

Creativity Lab is the entrepreneurship competences development platform that enables
pupils in Tauragė District to deal with challenges faced by the Municipality and business
organizations in Tauragė region.

Creative Lab is the social entrepreneurship competence development program that
encourages students to search for creative solutions while analysing personal and
business challenges. It unites students from Marijamplė College, Šiauliai State College and
Vytautas Magnus University.

Partners 4 Value is first University – Business Consortium in Lithuania that’s goal is to
expand “real life” training opportunities for students and university personnel through
Business – International Organization – University partnerships. The Centre for Enterprise
Practice takes part as strategic partner responsible for the project’s methodology, training,
and consultancy.

The project was initiated by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and five major
Lithuanian universities (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas University of Technology,
Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Klaipėda University).

IDEA HUB – is a platform of business and social ideas acceleration, which is based on
members, teachers, trainers, mentors and the whole entrepreneur community. The
purpose is to provide with conditions and help an active person (living in Kaunas) to
establish his first business. It is not important whether it is a small partnership, individual
activity, public institution or even PLLC (Private Limited Liability Company).

International community and partners

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