Design Thinking® – it is a tool, which offers creative, fun and structuralized way to look at creating strategies, products and services. This method is orientated towards forming
an optimistic view and allows to understand that every team member can accomplish
different tasks and be the change in the creative process.

The path

Business Model Canvas® – complementary method, which allows easily and visually
convey current business models and the ones that have already been created. These methods also allow to understand existing and future value for the end consumer.


Lego Serious Play® – an experience based method meant for strengthening relations
of a team, understanding the organization and their own role in the organization. This method allows to understand the inner structure of the organization by projecting your own insight into game elements thus removing the psychological stereotypes and restrictions.


Points of you® – this is a coaching game that is a powerful tool used to generate clear,
quality communication between people.


MethodKit® – this method is meant for modeling ideas, organizing effective meetings
and workshops by using cards. This helps create new ideas and expand on old ones as well as
get basic and detailed review of the situation. Method is based on creativity and teamwork
when all the participants discuss, organize and research sections of the projects that need
more attention.

And successfuly

Personal Business Model You® – this is a powerful one-page tool to teach readers
how to draw “personal business models,” which reveal new ways their skills can be adapted to the changing needs of the marketplace to reveal new, more satisfying, career and life

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