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Student academy - Entrepreneurship academy

Student academy -

Entrepreneurship academy

What about?

Experience-based programme with an innovative curriculum structure, which is based on
community of students, teachers, practitioners, trainers, mentors, alumni. There we
provide our students with tools and spaces, where their projects and ideas become real.
The academy includes such study modules as – “Experience design”; “Idea design”,
“Impact design” and “Smart Practice”.

How Long? 1,5 year.

What is the purpose?

The goal of the “EQ thinking” programme is to impart students with the principles of the
experience-based learning while dealing with real world challenges. Then, encourage students to
leave their comfort zone and enter the world of challenges bravely, therefore, becoming the
changemaker everywhere, anytime. Another goal is to inspire participants to create a positive
change in their environment in order to invest their energy in things that are really important

What will you get?

  • Improve ability to effectively perform in multidisciplinary environment while working in groups on real life business, NGO or social cases.
  • Develop sustainable leadership based on partnership, collaboration and positive attitude.
  • Clear understanding about teamwork principles. Identify both personal and team abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • The uptake of four main competences of entrepreneurship: emotional intelligence, creative thinking, teamwork and effective performance.
  • Understand the benefits of working in multidisciplinary environment with dynamically combinated content: practice, theory and reflection.
  • Get knowledge on how to become a changemaker in order to transform your environment. Be able to build community around yourself.
  • ... and many more.

This programme offers:

  • Real social, creative and business cases.
  • Lectures on various entrepreneurship topics conducted by experts.
  • 2 outgoing camps.
  • Methodological trainings well known worldwide: Design Thinking®, Lego Serious Play®, Business Model Canvas®, MethodKit®;
  • Group formation and coaching sessions.
  • Visits to the partner institutions - companies and organizations.
  • Personal Development Diary.
  • Inspiring stories, lectures.
  • Raising personal challenges and transforming attitudes through personal experience (with the help of a mentor).

Read more, how the program is built.

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