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Pupil academy - Creativity lab

What about?

Creativity-Lab is like the experienced-based curriculum, it works as the analogue of
“Entrepreneurship Academy” for pupils. This programme distinguishes by its
innovative and unique learning structure, it incorporates the human factor, that is
pupil‘s community, teachers, practitioners, trainers, mentors, alumni club. The
programme is also based on an amplitude of the tools used for creativity stimulation.
During the project, pupils are encouraged to generate, experiment on, implement
various social ideas and initiatives.

How Long? 3 months.

What is the purpose?

It is to help a young person living in a school environment to take the first steps into a
full-fledged entrepreneurial world, encouraged to make mistakes, to leave the comfort
zone, to look for the answers and to see personal mistakes as growing challenges.
Transform young people‘s attitude, show that their opinion matters, that they have
the power to make changes and bring the impact on the environment around.

What will you get?

  • Positive approach to both ourselves and the environment around us, when the emerging problems are turned into opportunities and tools for improvement.
  • Ability to communicate freely and express your thoughts in different contexts.
  • A clear understanding about the benefits of creativity, experimental and critical thinking.
  • The ability to build different connection by seeking a change in your environment
  • Form yourself as a changemaker personality.
  • The ability to build different connection by seeking a change in your environment
  • The ability to work as a good team player and be able to take a leader‘s position when it is necessary.
  • The ability to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities and take a part in the effective performance.
  • ... and many more.

This programme offers:

  • Community problem based cases.
  • Personal development diary.
  • Introducing interactive creative techniques.
  • Tools for creative and analytical thinking.
  • Personal and team challenges.
  • Personal and team mentoring.
  • Cooperation with business and local authorities.
  • Inspiring stories, lectures.
  • Training trips and camps.
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