Academy program [local]


Academy program [local]

Business academy - Idea hub

What about?

Idea hub is a platform of business and social ideas acceleration, which is based on
members, teachers, trainers, mentors and the whole entrepreneur community. There
we provide our hub members with innovative tools and spaces (hubs), where their
projects and ideas are transformed and become real. The programme includes two
main steps: “exploring the idea” and “building the idea”.

How Long? 4 – 6 months.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to provide with conditions and help an active person (living in Kaunas) to
establish his first business. It is not important whether it is a small partnership, individual
activity, public institution or even PLLC (Private Limited Liability Company).The business
community and professionals will help you to find answers so that the success coefficient of
your first business visions or ideas would as high as possible.

This programme offers:

  • 15 days of intensive practical training
  • 56 individual consultations with professional experts.
  • Space-hub where you can learn and experiment.
  • Creation of a personal development plan for a young entrepreneur.
  • Training and application of the well known methodologies for developing and implementing your idea (“Design Thinking®”, “Lego Serious Play®”, “Business Model Canvas®”, “Method Kit®”, “Points of you®”, “Personal Business Model You®”).
  • A supporting mentor team.
  • A community that keeps to with modern business.
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