About us

We are the Centre for Enterprise Practice (CEP) – an open and goal-seeking organisation, that is constantly searching for new adventures. We use interactive and world-renowned creativity techniques and look for new business and social ideas.

After only 4 years of activity, CEP is considered to be one of the leading organisations in Lithuania – fostering entrepreneurial mindset, implementing creative and experience-based methods into the curriculum; and creating innovative academia – business – city community ecosystem.


Shaping your future


Shaping your future

OUR Centre creates a community, who lives and breathes the ideas of entrepreneurship and is wholeheartedly interested in them. CEP unites over 1000 alumni of our Entrepreneurship Academy, 160 of our current students and a network of over 90 companies well known in Lithuania and abroad, 100+ solved challenges of companies and organisations, and over 40 academics and professionals that help students solving the problems along the way.

We are proud that in 2018, CEP’s one of Center project “Entrepreneurship Academy” won in the category of Investments in Entrepreneurship Skills in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, recognized as one of the best experiences in the continent.


One of the main goals of CEP is to help our participants to nourish their personal entrepreneurial “gene” by developing four competencies:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creative thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Effective performance

We believe that a person who discovers these competences in oneself and starts cultivating them consciously, will not only be a great team player, but also a potential community leader, capable to make an impact.

Profile of our alumni can be described as change-makers, leaders, social entrepreneurs, open-minded adventurers and young researchers who like to learn from experience, and real challenging situations. The key to this is the main values: partnership, initiative, curiosity, self-expression.

Our mission is to give one a freedom to learn, so they could realise oneself by exploring the world of ideas in a creative way.

Our vision is a curious, open-minded society capable of creatively solving emerging challenges and boldly creating a smart environment.

We strive for every journey to be as memorable and meaningful as possible. Therefore, we gather the best specialists, business representatives and ambitious students together. Here the most important things are:



We believe that the willingness to cooperate, that is based on trust, respect, dedication and responsibility for one and everyone, is the background to the success.


We have no doubt that in a coherent team each member has his own role and is able to fulfill it. Internal initiative allows us to make necessary on-the-spot decisions and helps to solve the problems together.



We believe that the most important characteristic of the researcher is an incessant curiosity that leads to search and interest, it also motivates pass it on to others.


We want to help you discover yourself and, when you do, encourage to express yourself, because only in this way will all the walls of comfort collapse!

This model is a heartbeat of all the activities, programmes, curriculums and projects of the
centre. It consists of three steps, which could be described as “Experience” – “Create” –
“Initiate”. Each phase is supported with certain methodologies and equipped with

This model allows you to create transforming experience for academy participants of
different ages and different backgrounds, that is: for pupils, for students, for those who
want a good workplace or a meaningful international experience. Are you one of them?

So let’s start the journey and make an adventure together!

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